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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning will allow you to make financial provisions for you and your loved ones prior to reaching an age of retirement. As a retirement benefits firm, it is our goal to help you with successful retirement planning in order to reach financial independence so that your need to be gainfully employed is an option, and not a necessity!

Unfortunately, there is a "Dark Cloud" for 150 million Americans looking to retire.

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Studies suggest that Americans need to change their behavior, attitudes, and commitment about financial planning. It has been stated that less than 2% of the U.S. population make an effort on a regular basis to save for their retirement income needs outside of an employer's sponsored retirement benefit plan. That is, of course, if they participate.

Things to consider about your financial planning future.

Tax-Free Retirement

Holt and Associates offers a unique retirement benefit plan that is individually owned. It can be purchased on an individual basis or through an employer as a payroll deduction. The plan offers tremendous tax advantages that allows monies to compound and grow tax-free and the retirement income received is also tax free. All monies are fully insured and safe, with a guaranteed minimum interest return. The Tax-Free Retirement Strategy uses an insured vehicle strategy that is IRS compliant, meets IRS approval based on certain conditions and is outside probate (cannot be attached by creditors). This plan can be in addition (or enhanced supplement) to any other plan that an individual may currently participate in such as an IRA, 401K, profit sharing plan, 403b, SEPP, Simple IRA, and more.

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