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How safe is this plan?

This plan is safe and fully insured by one of the highest rated major insurance companies in America.

How much of a return would I get?

The plan earns an excellent return based on positive movements linked to the S&P 500 index or fixed interest strategies.

Do you invest into the Stock Market?

No. Stocks have risk. Our company allows you to participate in upside gains without downside risk by purchasing options. These options are fully insured by the insurance company.

Do I have to pay taxes on the interest earned?

NO. The interest you earn accumulates tax deferred. So, the money you would normally pay in taxes stays in your account and earns interest.

Do I pay taxes on the money when I begin taking retirement income?

NO, not if you take your money out as tax-free loans and the plan remains in force until you die.

What happens if I change jobs?

You take the plan with you. You own it. You control it. Simply call the insurance company to tell them you want to continue your contributions.

Are there any early withdrawal penalties?

Of course there are - just like with any retirement plan. The pension retirement plan is designed for long-term savings.

Can I borrow from the plan?

YES. You can borrow from your plan for a medical emergency, college funding, business need, or any other reasons you see fit. You decide to repay the loan at a low interest rate or simply have it deducted from your retirement value Loans and withdrawals are Tax Free and Penalty Free.

Can I increase my contributions?

YES, you can. In the future, if you wish to increase your monthly contributions or if you have extra money you want to "dump" into your plan, you normally can add the extra money to your plan (may be subjected to additional underwriting).

What happens if I have "Cash Flow" problems?

If you become sick, disabled, or unemployed, you can "adjust" your contribution to a lower amount or eliminate the contributions for a temporary period of time. Your contributions are flexible.

When can I retire?

You retire when you are ready to. There is no mandatory retirement age. You decide - not the IRS! There are no penalties for early retirement.