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Products & Services


Pre-Tax Retirement Benefit Plans

  • IRAs
  • Simple IRAs
  • 401k
  • 412i
  • SEPP (Simplified Employee Pension Plans)
  • 403b
  • Section 79 benefit plans.
Holt & Associates

Post-Tax Retirement Benefit Plans

  • Executive Benefit Plan (Executive Carve-Out Benefit Plan)
  • Executive Bonus Benefit Plan
  • Deferred Compensation Benefit Plan
  • Salary Reduction Benefit Plan
  • Employee Voluntary Payroll Deduction Benefit Plan
  • Key-Man Benefit Plan (Company key-person)

All Products Are Fully Insured, Safe, And Guaranteed!


  • Personalized planning meetings with business owner, officers and key executives.
  • Executive benefits enrollment.
  • Communication and liaison for follow up service between client and the home office.
  • Employee group presentation meetings with small business clients.
  • Employee group enrollment meetings with small business clients and liaison for follow up service between client and the home office.
  • We offer one-on-one executive and individual retirement benefit counseling for our clients.

We Offer Lifetime Professional And Local Service For Our Clients Needs With No Cost Or Obligation For Meeting!